Investing for Beginners , investing You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing.
Steve Ross

HOW TO INVEST (INVESTMENT BASICS) – if you are beginner at investing, read the tutorial about investment basics and get ready to invest.

STOCK VALUATIONread about main stock valuation methods. If you are investing in stocks, you have to know about that.

Tips to let small business investments take off

2024 Feb 28

  Studies show that small business investments peter out or fall by the wayside within the first two to three years after the owners have started investing and operating. Lack of planning, management skill, or technical preparation prior to investing may be the reasons. On the other hand, there are small entrepreneurs who have proven that they can buck the trend with hard work and perseveran...
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How Investment Horizon Affects Your Investment Portfolio?

2021 Sep 9

All investors have an investment horizon, which is the amount of time that they're willing to keep their money on the market. In layman's terms, it measures how long one is willing to wait before selling one's securities. An investment horizon will also determine what kind of portfolio one should have: whether it's a high-risk or conservative one.   Those who are looking at a horizon ...
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Buying on Margin

  Buying on Margin Costs of Buying Stocks on Margin Margin Call The Pros and Cons Psychology: Is it worth? &n...

Websites for Investors

True investing is a very long-term process, and if to be an idealist it should continue life-long. That’s why you should all the time to search for new information sources perpetually. Of course, most of the needful information about investments you may find on this website, however for the further analysis of particular stocks you may find these finance websites also as useful:

  • Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Yahoo Finance are the main financial portals. In there you can find financial news, snapshots on main companies including: stock charts, financial data, news, main valuation multiples, analysts’ recommendations and other valuable info.

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