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Bullish is an investor's attitude when he believes that the investment market is going to rise in the near future. Most of the times this term is applied for investments in stocks, when is believed that stock market rise is very probable. When person is bullish he usually invests more money in some stocks or funds, or particular regions on sectors which he is bullish about. In other words, being bullish means being optimistic and believing in market climb.


The name bullish comes from bull market which term is related to the bull animal. Bullish is opposite to bearish which is a belief that market is going to decrease. All the investors are either bullish, either bearish, either neutral. Most of the investors change their attitude about the future, but usually a lot of investors are always more bullish while other more bearish. Those who are more bearish tolerate risk less and choose less risky investments.


Being bullish isn’t a bad thing. The good thing about being bullish is that bulls make the market trend work for them. The fact is that asset classes as stocks or real estate investments are tend to increase in value over long period. Of course there might be strong fluctuations in value during short or middle term periods but in long period increase is highly probable if investments are well diversified. 


If an investor knows what he is doing then neither being bullish neither being bearish is bad. The worse thing is switching from bearish to bullish and vice versa too often because such switching creates too much additional costs. 


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