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Warren Buffett

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Capital Investment Group


Capital investment group is an organization that can have many juridical forms. Usually capital investment group is privately held or public organization, that invests in stakes of non-listed companies, real estate or venture capital. Stock exchange investments also are possible but not the priority.


If shares of capital investment group are listed, then every investor is able to acquire shares of such company and start investing in it. If investment group will be successful with its investments then investor also will profit from the stock price increase.


If capital investment group is not listed, but privately held company, then taking a part in it would be a hard way. Usually such companies do not wish new investors, or if they need to raise its capital looks for trusted investors with references.


Sometimes capital investment group can work as a management company as well. Is such case it manages some funds that usually are venture capital or private equity funds. Regular investors also can easily invests in such funds of capital investment groups, if they are not closed for new entries and if investors has a required minimum investment capital, which sometimes can be considerable.



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