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CIS countries


CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) is by Russia led group of countries that earlier belonged to the Soviet Union. However, not all the countries of the past Soviet Union’s belong to CIS countries, as Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) joined the EU. Georgia also does not depend to CIS countries anymore because it withdrawn the membership after the political conflicts with Russia. 


List of CIS countries:

  • Russia (population - 143m)
  • Ukraine (population - 46m)
  • Uzbekistan (population - 30m)
  • Kazakhstan (population - 17m)
  • Belarus (population – 9.5m)
  • Azerbaijan (population – 9.1m)
  • Tajikistan (population – 8.0m)
  • Kyrgyzstan (population – 5.5m)
  • Turkmenistan (population – 5.1m)
  • Moldova (population – 3.6m)
  • Armenia (population – 3.3m)


CIS countries are quite known among European investors mostly by Russian, Kazakhstan and Ukrainian stock markets. However, investment markets in other CIS countries are less developed and investments in those countries are extremely risky. But those countries are emerging so rapidly, that GDP of some countries grows even in two digit numbers. Most of these countries are very rich in basic resources and have full potential to thrive in the future. However, investments in CIS countries might be one of the riskiest in the world. These markets are definitely not for investing beginners, as even BRIC countries might be too risky…



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