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FOREX Market


FOREX market (foreign exchange market) is a global network of trading in different currencies. It is the most liquid financial market with huge turnovers continuously without breaks. Lot commercial banks, central banks, hedge funds, other financial institutions and private investors (or speculators) are trading in currencies and create a foreign exchange market. 


The most popular currencies on FOREX are US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen and pound sterling of UK. The spreads on FOREX market are utmost low and together with high turnover it makes this market the most efficient.


However, foreign exchange market is mostly known among speculators. High liquidity, low spreads, non-stoppable fluctuations makes FOREX very convenient for speculating. FOREX trading is a whole industry that tries to attract people for trading promising easy money using mysterious investment strategies. (I don’t know personally anyone who made up a lot of money over long period on FOREX trading, but I know several who lost a lot of cash - author's note).

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