Investing for Beginners .EU, investing Wall Street people learn nothing and forget everything.
Benjamin Graham

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  Dividends are capital payments from companies to theirs shareholders. Normally dividends are paid by cash and usually but necessary once a year. Every company’s common share of the same class gets equal div

Dividend Payout Ratio
Payout ratio is a percentage that shows a portion of company’s income distributed as dividends.    Formula Dividend payout ratio = common shares dividends / net income   *For the sam

dividend policy
  A dividend policy is a company’s written practice that describes dividend payments scale over time. dividend policy may be as short as target dividend payout ratio or also include some reaction to a ch

Blue Chip Stocks
  Blue chip stocks are stocks of the biggest large cap companies. Blue chip stocks usually are safer than average investment in stocks, have stable cash flow and pay stable dividends according dividend policy. Blue

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