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Investment Banking Services

Investment banking services are corporate finance services provided by investment banks. Investment banking includes such services like capital rising, securities issuing, IPO’s running, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dealing.


Investment banking services are needed for every big corporation which wants to raise capital in any form (equity of fixed income). Investment banking is important and profitable industry, but is very cyclical, and investment banking services have high demand only during economical “golden times”, but during recessions or decrease periods investment banking services contracts. Especially volatile is equity raising market (which brings the most money for investment banking firms) when fixed income market fluctuate less. 


Every underwriter tries to get larger deal because those are the most profitable despite the fact that fee percentage is usually lower. But the process is similar for a big deal or for a small deal just scale makes a different. 


Investment banking services requires a most perfect understanding of the financial markets and good reputation. 


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