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Investment Management Salaries


The media always pay a lot of attention to investment management salaries and maybe those salaries are worth it. Investment management business as investment management consulting or investment fund management requires the highest professionals, and of course those professionals are highly paid. 


High investment management salaries are results of competition and may vary strongly depending on the market. The highest investment management salaries can be achieved in places that are strongest financial centers as London or New York. 


Normally investment management salary is consisted of two parts: stable salary and bonus that depends on results of the portfolio that is managed. Many participants of financial markets are saying that salaries of investment managers are too high and they do not create that much of value. And that might be true. Most of the actively managed investment funds fail to beat the benchmark but investment management companies still try to get best investment managers despite the costs because respectful and known investment manager helps to boost sales of investment fund. 


And maybe at first glance the job of investment manager may look as an easy one, in reality every investment manager has to have so nerves to sustain the common sense during market turmoil.


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