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Problems in Greece: Is It Going to End?

2012 Feb 7


Greece sounds like a curse for all investors and all other participants of the financial market. Yes, it is a small country compared to the global or European economy by the size of a GDP or other economical indicators. But however, the impact to the global economy of this country is much wider than its size. 


Investment markets are suffering already for a long period from Greece problems. Of course, if not other problematic countries, then Greece would be not an important issue to investors because they would easily write off the liabilities of Greece and this country would be left with its troubles. But now, everything is more difficult because of not very healthy southern neighbors of the Greece. If Greece would be left in very bad situation without any help, then it could push down other countries as Portugal, Italy and Spain, which are balancing on the edge. 


The financial markets of nowadays are related in so many ways, that it is not possible to separate them and ignore what’s happening in the next. And this situation makes all decisions of the politicians even more complicated. The main authorities of the Europe as well as leaders of the strongest countries cannot act decisively as real leaders because it will let to careless countries to relax. And this cannot to happen. 


Those countries that have been living from their debts increasing it every year and enjoying good life sooner or later have to face the  reality. And now is the best time for that. Nobody wants to provide even more money for the libertines if they do not want to change their lifestyle. And rioting will not help about this. 


It is strange that local people of the troubled countries cannot understand this. The problem is that rioting won’t help. If Greece won’t take necessary actions to control the budget deficit, all normal countries may lose their patience and turn to sacrifice invested money instead of pumping more and more cash in to the bag full of holes. There would be no end to this, and such situation would make paying people angry. 


There is a possible case, when patience will run out, Greece or similar countries could be just left to deal with the problems by themselves. It would be the catastrophe for them, but at least people would face the reality and would try to take necessary actions. Other countries would lose a lot of invested money too. But it would be only one-time cause and then the main economies would be totally healthy. 


Of course it is not a best scenario, and let’s hope that will of the leaders to bring everything in to the right places is going to be initiated by all counterparties, and that will move the process in faster way. If not, then there is still a way to play politic-economical games between the countries till some will lose the patience…




By Rokas Lukosius


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