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Stock Ticker


A stock ticker also called as a stock symbol actually is some code that is given for a p stock. Every stock that is listed on any stock exchange has some stock ticker by which is recognized. The stock ticker is needed to recognize the stocks from each other in a financial world. Of course, names of the companies can be used too, but names sometimes are too long or can be very similar while stock tickers are always short and unique. 


Stock tickers most of the times are made only of alphabetic characters and numbers. Most of the times ticker has a lot in common with company’s name to be easier recognizable but sometimes this rule can be ignored. There should be no two identical stock tickers over the world for issues of different companies. If the same company’s is listed on several stock exchanges, then stock tickers also will be different for every exchange although they may be very similar but will contain different endings or something.


Every stock exchange has its own system how to create tickers for stocks when new companies are listed. Stock ticker of a particular stock usually stays the same for good, as long as ticker creation system does not change which may happen in some occasions.

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