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Trading Platform


Trading platform is an electronic tool provided by brokerage company or other financial intermediary that allows for investor to buy and sell stocks or other securities using his computer. In other words trading platform is a computer program (or a web application) that has online connection with intermediary firm and investment markets through it. 


Normally orders in trading platform from client go online in to the stock exchange. The speed in this case is an advantage of trading platform against trading through broker by phone or e-mail. However, in some cases trading platform still faces a human interference when order goes from trading platform to stock exchange, but this more uncommon than usual. 


The trading in securities isn’t the only function of the trading platform. Apart from trading the platform also should provide for the investor an access to buying on margin, stock analysis, handy charts, online data from stock exchange and other tools. 


When you choose a trading platform you should answer these questions:

  • How many different markets can be reached?
  • What different products you can buy?
  • What are fees for the trading platform and trading stocks?
  • Is margin trading possible? What are conditions?
  • Is trading platform comfortable?
  • Is the speed of trading platform sufficient?
  • Can you see online trading data from stock exchanges (otherwise you will face problems when placing real orders to the market)?
  • What investment reports are provided for you? Are those valuable?



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