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Investment Products


Investment products basically are investments that are packed and adopted for every investor. The best example of investment product could be mutual funds or any other investment funds that are well diversified and actively managed. Investment manager of such fund will try to do his best to make his fund to a salable investment product. 


Of course every investment (bonds, stocks, real estate, derivatives and other) may be an investment product. But the name ‘product’ specifies that someone has to work it out to be a product. Products don’t come out naturally but they are made to be such for selling purposes. That means some sales team should work on the investment product and it has to be some marketing expenses. If there is no marketing for investment, we should not claim that it is an investment product because it will be a simple investment but not an investment product.


The most of marketing expenses in investment field goes to investment funds, especially actively managed mutual funds. Such investment products have the highest investment management fees and are most profitable. So it is reasonable to promote such investment products. Of course not only investment funds can be promoted. Such investment products as blue chip stocks or Forex trading (it is not pure example of an investment product) can be promoted very heavily to attract more money from investors. 


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