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HOW TO INVEST (INVESTMENT BASICS) – if you are beginner at investing, read the tutorial about investment basics and get ready to invest.

STOCK VALUATIONread about main stock valuation methods. If you are investing in stocks, you have to know about that.

The Most Known Investors: Who are they?

2015 Mar 16

  Regularly, a magazine is releasing its top 100 billionaires of the world. These are the investment giants and the masters of investing.  We all know that the investing world is a world of strategies and these men and women have developed their own strategies—not to mention—machineries in order to profit from their investment. They have taken the risk of doing business and...
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Putting Investment Indicators from Economy to Good Use

2014 Dec 16

Putting investment indicators from economy to good use People in various professions – journalists, stock market traders, businessmen, or individuals looking at investing in property – usually refer to investment indicators from economy. They do so as part of their jobs, or as guide for their personal investing decisions. Using investment indicators from economy lets people underst...
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Investing for Beginners

  Investing can seem a hard thing to do for beginners. But investing for beginners isn‘t any harder than oth...

Other Websites for Investors

True investing is a very long-term process, and if to be an idealist it should continue life-long. That’s why you should all the time to search for new information sources perpetually. Of course, most of the needful information about investments you may find on this website, however for the further analysis of particular stocks you may find these finance websites also as useful:

  • Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Yahoo Finance are the main financial portals. In there you can find financial news, snapshots on main companies including: stock charts, financial data, news, main valuation multiples, analysts’ recommendations and other valuable info.
  • Investment management isn't very easy to administrate for large portfolios, and sometimes it is very usefull to have some investment management software to do the job. And those, who are including in their portfolio a lot of property, it is very important to watch real estate trends precisely. 

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