Investing for Beginners .EU, investing Literature is an investment of genius which has dividends to all subsequent times.
John Burroughs

BUY INVESTMENT E-BOOK – if you are beginner at investing, this book will be perfect for you. It is easy readable and you may even enjoy it when you read. At the same it is complete basket of knowledge that is necessary for every investor!

HOW TO INVEST (INVESTMENT BASICS) – if you are beginner at investing, read the tutorial about investment basics and get ready to invest.

STOCK VALUATIONread about main stock valuation methods. If you are investing in stocks, you have to know about that.

Learning the basic investment concept: a good start in investing

2015 Dec 9

The first step in investing is learning the investment concept itself. It is very important that you understand the basic rules in investing in order for your investment to profit and to prevent losses. As we all know, losing or gaining money in any investment is dependent on the performance of your investment. This is the risk in investing. There are times that the market’s performance is ...
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Investment psychology gains momentum in contemporary business world

2015 Jul 24

  Many individuals make rational investment decisions, but others are swayed by their emotions, serving as clear-cut illustration of just how the mindset and behavior can affect finances, and this is an important aspect governing business today, called investment psychology. In what ways do attitude and behavior when investing lead to financial success or doom?  Note some red flags of i...
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Investment in Property

Investment in housing and commercial real estate I don‘t know why, but historically in most places almost every c...

Other Websites for Investors

True investing is a very long-term process, and if to be an idealist it should continue life-long. That’s why you should all the time to search for new information sources perpetually. Of course, most of the needful information about investments you may find on this website, however for the further analysis of particular stocks you may find these finance websites also as useful:

  • Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Yahoo Finance are the main financial portals. In there you can find financial news, snapshots on main companies including: stock charts, financial data, news, main valuation multiples, analysts’ recommendations and other valuable info.
  • Investment management isn't very easy to administrate for large portfolios, and sometimes it is very usefull to have some investment management software to do the job. And those, who are including in their portfolio a lot of property, it is very important to watch real estate trends precisely.

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